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We offer hope


Our causes

We forge the path to a better future

Niños en la iglesia

Eliminate poverty

No more inequality

Our objective is to ensure that one of the most vulnerable groups in Colombia, children, is safe and can meet their most basic needs. With your generous donations and support, we have the ability to continue our work

and Work with children in teaching Values ​​and Principles.

Contact us for more information.

High Fives

Provide an Opportunity

Treat your neighbor as yourself

Develop educational programs linked to the lives of children,
displaced and non-displaced youth and families, in order to improve the
interpersonal relationships and their environment.

Cajas de donación

"Goodness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see."

Mark Twain

Contact Us

Phone USA: +1 (305) 749-5514

Cell Phone: +57 (318)377-2934

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Manos sosteniendo la placa de madera
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